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Our Dogs

Holly, my service dog, at the aquarium.

Mia Vamoz Bohemia:  BH, GPR1

Mia Vamoz Bohemia is a Czech import and the daughter of the famous and late Extreme Orex Aykmar.  Mia is a high drive female, with a nice powerful grip.  She is a larger female.  She uses her speed on the field to match her nice full, and firm grip.  She is calm on the tracking field, and loves to  please her handler.  She has smooth obedience.  She loves to work and is an outstanding mother.  She absolutely loves children and is neutral around other dogs, cats, and is stable in large crowds.  Mia is a well balanced dog and is stable in any environment. 

Health  Testing: 


ED: 0/0

DM: N/N, Clear

DNA: Available




Calista Jankura Hanacek

Calista Jankura Hanacek is a large, strong, and imposing female.  She has a high drive and high prey drive.  She is an environmentally stable female, with strong, firm grips.  She has beautiful conformation and will produce puppies with pristine structure.  She will add intensity, stability, great structure, high drives and much  more to her progeny.  She is highly intelligent and learns new commands with ease.  Cali's drive to work is intimidating and intense. 

Cali is neutral towards other dogs, cats, horses, goats, and other animals.  She absolutely loves people and in all is a very happy and great dog.  We are excited to have her as a new addition to our program.  She is the daughter of Mia Vamoz Bohemia and her sire is VD Exon Greymary, IGP3, that is owned by the Von Den Machtigen Kennels in Utah.  Cali is currently being trained in Utah for her BH, IGP, and PSA.  We are thrilled to see the outcome of this dog!

Health Testing:
OFA Hips:  Good
OFA Elbows:  Normal
SV:  Pending
DM:  Carrier
DNA:  Available
Embark:  Pending



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